Date Drug Dose ...................... Benefits/Purpose
24 Feb 2015 Metformin
500 mg twice daily with meals. Stopped today due to great lab results!
29 Aug 2011 Zocor
20 mg at night. It's working great for cholesterol management. No side effects so far.
3 Nov 2004 Ranitidine
150 mg twice daily. For acid reflux disease. Switched from Aciphex. Aciphex had too many possible bad side effects including sudden death, coma, and muscle pain.
23 Sep 2004 Amitriptyline
150 mg at night Dose raised from 100mg to see if it will stop new itching attacks in March 2007. Itching has not returned after increase. I've had horrible dysesthetic itching attacks when trying to switch from Elavil before. As far as I'm concerned, this is the main reason I'm on Elavil now. It was originally prescribed for depression and pain management purposes.
20 May 2002 Klonipen
Dose changed to .5 mg nightly. It works great for the Restless Leg symptoms! :) and also for sleep.

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