Below is a brief summary of how this disease progressed though my body starting in May of 2000. I believe this progression may be key in helping to identify whatever it is.

All symptoms have appeared bilaterally with the exception of my neck. In that case first the left side was affected, then within a few weeks the other. I can find no reference to any disorder that takes the particular path of progression that mine did.

If you know of any, please e-mail me.

May 2000:  Pain symptoms began in my arms in ONLY the bicep muscles roughly two weeks after being put on Zocor. I had no other muscle involvement at all until Oct 2001. It was a sharp, burning pain with any degree of muscle flex that quickly progressed to the point I had to use both hands to pour a cup of coffee from a 12 cup pot. Even with both hands it was very painful.

Oct/Nov 2001:   My legs started feeling "funny" when walking. The day before Thanksgiving 2001 I awoke with both thighs extremely sore and within two hours I could barely move my legs at all. It affected my hips and rear at the same time.

I've run marathons before and what happens with very little walking now is almost the same as what you would feel running 26 miles, except now it gets to the point where I can't physically move my legs at all if I go too far. Too far is roughly 100 feet (sometimes more, sometimes less), especially if there is any degree of incline or decline. I can feel inclines/declines when walking that you normally wouldn't notice with your eyes.

Jun/July, 2002:   This is when my tricep muscles (backs of the arms), neck, forearms, shoulders, and hands started being affected.

Nov 2002:   This is when my calf muscles started being affected. Some days my walking is limited by my thighs; other days just the calf muscles. I don't believe both sets of muscles (thighs and calves) have ever been affected all at once; and sometimes just one calf or just one thigh will be affected. Again the progression of whatever this is happened bilaterally.

Jan 2005:   This is when my groin muscles started being affected. Same type of bilateral progression as with the other muscle groups. Too much stooping or squatting down results in my groin muscles becoming painful and feeling really swollen. Overuse results in my not being able to sit in a normal kitchen type chair. I need to either recline or just lay down.

Note (Oct 2004):   When each muscle group was first affected it manifested as severe pain and burning with little or no effort. After about 2 or 3 months it lessened to extreme exercise intolerance. This was the same for all muscle groups. I have definitely developed a myofascial trigger point at the site of my first leg biopsy. At times just the severe stabbing pain from that will stop me in my tracks.

Severe lactic acid type burning and stiffness which limits or stops my mobility occurs with any muscle group over-use. My hands always feel swollen and sore now. On 3 different occasions I've had an entire arm/hand paralyzed by doing things as simple as pulling a stubborn power plug from a CD drive or trying to use manual grass clippers around my patio. Twice on the right arm/hand, once on the left. I haven't driven a car since January of 2002.

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